Dayton Chamber of Commerce Board Meeting Minutes

June 7, 2017 – Weinhard Café & Bakery

Present: Bev Rising, Nathanial Murphy, Lael Loyd, Ken Graham, Chris Davis, Bette Lou Crothers, Kathy Berg, Justin Nix and Melissa Bryan.            Absent –Bill Clemens, Anne Walsh, and Dan Andrews.

1.      Call to Order by Bev Rising

2.      Minutes from meeting of May 17, 2017 were motioned to be approved by Lael Loyd, seconded by Chris Davis and unanimously approved.   Corrections: Secured $1500 from COUNTY (not City) Hotel/Motel Tax.

3.      Finance Report –Bev Rising– Checking--$2700Money Market--$61,042.51

a.      Current profit/loss statement presented

4.      President’s Items –

a.      Bev Rising announced the nomination of Kathy Berg for the office of Vice President, to be filled until the end of the current term, December 2017.  Kathy Berg accepted.

5.      Director’s Items – Justin Nix

a.      New website currently 80% finished, anticipated completion date is the end of June 2017.

b.      The Chamber office is currently working on All Wheels Weekend tasks 100%.

6.      Committees

a.      Brix-and-Brew – Anne Walsh, Absent- No Report

b.      All Wheels Weekend – Bette Lou

                                                    i.     Goodie bag stuffing meeting rescheduled to the Wednesday prior to All Wheels.

c.      Mule Mania and Dayton Days –Bev Rising-

                                                    i.     Bev Rising, Mule Mania Recap:  “Weather was good; event was short on help, good turnout, less participants, committee happy with judge and awards.  Dance turnout, not good.  Next year committee plans to share the pavilion space with families by separating the beer service/dance area with a sectioned off area for families to enjoy the music and space.”

d.      Dayton on Tour –Lael Loyd-

                                             i.          Still seeking someone to take over her position, and requested to meet with the Chamber office staff to coordinate event.

e.      Awards Banquet –Kathy Berg-

   i.          Seeking to set up a meeting at Chief Springs following All Wheels Weekend.

f.       Christmas Kickoff –Melissa Bryan-No Report.

g.      Main Street Beautification (Task Force) – Bette Lou-

                                                    i.     East End sign progressing.

                                                   ii.     Flowers along Main St. looking good, filling out beautifully.

h.      City Council –Kathy Berg

                                               i.          Temporary hold up on 1st Street construction project should begin by the end of June, 2017.

i.       Marketing - Justin Nix-

                                               i.          Opted to skip the Summer Inlander ad this year, instead going to focus on the fall ad titled “Base Camp Dayton”, focusing on outdoor recreation.

j.       Economic Development –

                                              ii.          Justin Nix-EDSC meeting yesterday learned of a new Boys & Girls club coming to the large building formally known as the bowling alley.  Discussed possible sidewalk to link area from the bridge on Main St to the bowling alley building.

                                             iii.          Bette Lou- Butlers to supply meals for children and seniors.  They are currently applying for grants to help with the cost.  Bette Lou requested that the Chamber support them in any way possible.

k.      Downtown Merchants-Justin Nix

                                               i.          Toured a newly remodeled business on Main St with new owner, Chase.  Business is slated to open in a few months, with a freshly remodeled patio. 

                                              ii.          Planning on meeting with Touchet Valley TV to discuss high speed internet possibilities for the Chamber office. 

7.      Old Business –Bev Rising

                           i.          New credit cards have been ordered for both Justin and Melissa.

8.      New Business –Chris Davis

                           i.          Hospital update:  New lighting has been installed and new sign is up.  Planning on moving the lab services and admitting office soon.

The next meeting will be June 21, 2017 at Chief Springs Pizza.