Patit Creek


Dayton's own 4 Star restaurant .... Patit Creek is in its final year of serving 4 star French cuisine.  If you haven't eaten here yet, please call ahead and make reservations (they are usually booked a few weeks out)

Manila bay

Here at Manila Bay Cafe, we believe that loving what you do for a living is the best way to live. We have a true passion for creating food and a strong desire to share those creations with others. Manila Bay has been apart of this beautiful community for over 10 years with great success. 

Weinhard Cafe


Once upon a time a little girl liked to eat with her parents at the Weinhard Cafe.  Two ladies named Mae & Tiffany owned it at that time and they inspired that little girl to go to culinary school. There the little girl found both a career and passion.  That little girl grew up and now owns the Weinhard Cafe. She loves every minute of it and invites you to share in her passion.

Chief Springs 


Fire and Irons

Chief Mike and Ann Spring brewery is a must visit while in Dayton.  Their 9 hand crafted brews each carry their own personality.  Find a beer you like and leave a beer for a friend on their Buddy Beer List. Grab some food from the bar or of their pizza!

Fiesta en Jalisco

 was established in 1994 by Alfonso Pimienta, Juan Mario Pimienta, Xavier Lepe and Sacarias Guitron, four cousins and good friends from their early childhood years. Their family roots are from AYUTLA, a small town in the Mexican state of Jalisco which is located south of Guadalajara and east of Puerto Vallarta

Noble Hunt

A wine and beer bar with pizza and snacks.  Great atmosphere to relax and talk.  Check in to see about Open Mic Nights! 



Bar and Grill

Moose Creek Cafe & Bakery

Reys Roast

We specialize in micro roasts of high quality beans and work to give you the freshest most enjoyable coffee experience at an affordable price. Come by and see us the next time you are passing through. The relaxing ambiance and a cup of our coffee or tea will make you never want to leave. 

Weinhard Hotel Coffee Bar


Using local area roasters, the Weinhard Hotel Coffee Bar is one of the best places in town to get your flavored iced and hot coffee and espresso drinks.


Carolyn's cafe

A main stay in Dayton for years, Carolyn's is well known for her amazing cinnamon rolls and delicious meals.