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Swim the Snake

Paddle board, Kayak, or swim for Charity across the snake river from Lyons Ferry Marina to Lyons Ferry State Park!

A paddleboard/kayak competition begins at Lyons Ferry Marina (LFM) and ends at the swimming beach at Lyons Ferry State Park (LFSP). Participants can compete in teams; a paddler and a swimmer, or swimmers may just swim the Channel between LFSP to LFM.  Or paddlers can just cross the river to LFSP.  Swimmers will meet at LFSP swimming beach and swim from the State Park to Lyons Ferry Marina.  Stronger swimmers may wish to return swim to the LFSP if they exit the water before 1 p.m.

Local County Sheriffs, Coast Guard Auxiliary and volunteers will help direct river traffic and assist participants if necessary.

Entry fee is $25.00. This event is a fundraiser for the Blue Mountain RC&D (Resource Conservation and Development) Council, a regional non-profit and two local youth summer swim programs, Pomeroy and Dayton.

Due to a lack of internet connection at Lyons Ferry, we are unable to process electronic payments (credit or debit cards) the day of the event. Participants are encouraged to pre-register at Commemorative T-shirts may also be purchased on the website.


  • All paddlers MUST wear a PFD (personal flotation device).
  • Paddle boards must be equipped with leashes and attached to the paddler.
  • The swim is for intermediate level or better swimmers
  • All swimmers must be at least 10 year old, in good physical health and must wear a swim cap due to safety regulations.
  • Swimmers under 15 years old must EACH be accompanied by an adult swimmer
  • Participants are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis
  • You MUST sign a waiver to participate


The Course

The course across the river is approximately 0.7 miles long, diagonally. Depending on water levels, water temperature averages 69 degrees, river depth is 60’.  The fastest swimmers usually finish in just under 25 minutes (@ 3 mph) and most swimmers are out of the water within 40 minutes (1.5 mph).  Paddlers can cover this distance in less time and if so choose, may paddle back to the Marina, mindful of boat traffic.

Swim the Snake Route Map.jpg