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Walla Walla Business Summit

Walla Walla Business Summit - April 20-21


April 20th - Keynote Speakers: Dave Mitchell, Linda Foster & Lyman Connor. All three are nationally recognized experts that we're bringing in. 
Dave is a best-selling author of "The Power of Understanding People". 
Lynda is an international executive coach speaking on "The Currency of Trust".
Lyman is an engineer with G.E. who'll be speaking on Maker Spaces and Maker Camps for communities as well as the trends in 3D Digitial Manufacturing and Micro-factories. There will be breakout sessions throughout the day with additional speakers.

The day ends with tickets to the wine social and Annual Business Awards.

April 21st - Half-day of breakout sessions on Humor in the Workplace, Negotiation Strategies and more. Then attendees will have the rest of the day to go golfing, wine tasting or enjoy other Walla Walla activities.

Registration for the event is now open and available at

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