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 We've Got a Whole Wall Up, Showcasing Doolittle's Iconic Art


- Bev Doolittle

The artwork of Bev Doolittle celebrates the West, both its colorful past and its picturesque present. Known for her accuracy of detail, Doolittle frequently incorporates a picture within a picture -- almost a visual puzzle -- in many of her images.

Visit the gallery today and see a selection of our collection of Doolittle art, both what is up on the wall as well as in our archives.

  Forest Reflections by   Deborah Bruce

Forest Reflections by Deborah Bruce

- Deborah Bruce

In the 30 years that she worked as a professional florist, Deborah Bruce fell in love with flowers and trees and plants.

The Walla Walla watercolor artist, who has been working in the medium for 20 years, captures the landscapes, flora, and beauty of the area around her.

Bruce's month-long Art Event begins Monday, May 7, and she will be at the gallery in person Saturday, May 26, for a special art show during Dayton Days on Memorial Day Weekend.

(Read all about Bruce in our article, Florist and Painter.)

Mary Calanche Display3 - Copy.jpg

-Mary Calanche Jewelry

 Dayton artist Mary Calanche creates one of a kind necklaces, bracelets, and earrings using semi precious stones, Czech glass, and uniquely shaped beads.

4-23-18 Steve Henderson wall 3.JPG

- Steve Henderson

Dayton painter Steve Henderson celebrates the beauty of the earth and the humans who live upon it. Henderson's freshly updated wall showcases the New West of the Southwest, along with the Pacific Northwest.

4-23-18 Pottery by Pat Flemming.JPG


- Patrick Fleming

Kennewick artist Patrick Fleming creates pottery that is as beautiful as it is functional. Much of the clay Fleming uses is hand-dug by the artist from the area around the Tri-Cities, adding a special touch of the region to each piece.

  Reaching for the Stars by Alan Bean    

Reaching for the Stars by Alan Bean


- Focus on Framing

Mother and Child, a card by Dayton watercolor artist Jill Ingram, emerges from its background into a full expression of color and form, outlined by a beige rag mat. The deep blue frame, elegant in its simple lines, draws from the blues of the artwork and ties the entire custom framing package together.

The right framing makes all the difference!

**Special Art Show Saturday, May 26 for Dayton Days!  10:30am-1:30pm