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We Invite You To Enjoy The Wenaha Experience.

Our relaxed environment in the historic Guernsey-Sturdevant building showcases the variety of art available through our gallery.

Wenaha Gallery maintains a broad selection of fine art prints, canvases and giclées by more than 100 nationally recognized artists such as Howard Terpning, James Christensen, Alan Bean, Bev Doolittle, and William Phillips.  The gallery also features original works by outstanding Pacific Northwest artists.  The gallery’s artistic consultants select every piece of art for inspiring and thoughtful beauty, satisfaction of ownership and long-term value.

7-17-18 wall photo web.JPG

- Joyce Anderson

The Walla Walla watercolor painter, who has been teaching art throughout the region for more than 30 years, explores the world of clouds and cloudscapes in her Art Event, up through August 25.


-The Perfect Gift!

Wooden boxes by woodworker Ron Jackson, Krustallos glass candle holders by Alice Beckstrom, and pine needle baskets by Lauralee Northcott make the perfect gift, anytime.  Just in at the gallery is a generous selection of new work by each artist.

7-30-18 table display items.JPG

- Denise Elizabeth Stone until 8/25

The batik watercolors of Denise Elizabeth Stone are a fusion of contemporary chic with primeval nature, an expression of color and texture that grabs the viewer's eye and pulls him or her forward toward the art.

Read all about Stone in our article, Batik Beauty, and meet Stone in person Saturday, July 21, during our Summer Celebration Art Show from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.


- Jerry Poindexter

carved wooden birds are so lifelike that when you step into the gallery,  you'll be tempted to stop, hushed and still, to avoid frightening them into flight.

Visit the gallery today to the see Poindexter's month-long Art Exhibit, a flock of winged creatures that stand poised upon their perches. Or click on this link to view Poindexter's art and purchase it online. And read all about Poindexter in our article, Carving Birds.


- Timber Bronze 53

Why have an ordinary, boring doorbell when you can have one that gets people excitedly talking before they even enter your house?

Buy something extra fun for your house this summer! (And read all about the Lowes and Timber Bronze in our article, Bronze Home Decor.)


- Bev Doolittle


The artwork of Bev Doolittle celebrates the West, both its colorful past and its picturesque present. Known for her accuracy of detail, Doolittle frequently incorporates a picture within a picture -- almost a visual puzzle -- in many of her images.



- Kirk Campana

Pastel Paintings

Kirk Campana is an urgent care physician from Eagle, ID, who paints richly colored, tranquil landscapes in pastel. Enamored of art from childhood, Campana did not allow the insane schedule of medical school to derail his need to create art, and in the midst of endless studying and lab work, made sure he always took a class in art on the side.

(Read all about Campana in our article, Physician and Artist.)

  Painted Ladies By Bev Doolittle

Painted Ladies By Bev Doolittle


- Alan Bean

Alan Bean made his name as an astronaut when he became the fourth human being to walk on the moon, and he made his name as an artist when he documented the historical achievement through his paintings.

The beloved astronaut/artist, who passed away May 26, left behind a legacy of adventure and space exploration, celebrating the earth seen from space, and space seen from the moon.

4-23-18 Steve Henderson wall 3.JPG

- Steve Henderson

Dayton painter Steve Henderson celebrates the beauty of the earth and the humans who live upon it. Henderson's freshly updated wall showcases the New West of the Southwest, along with the Pacific Northwest.


- Patrick Fleming

Kennewick artist Patrick Fleming creates pottery that is as beautiful as it is functional. Much of the clay Fleming uses is hand-dug by the artist from the area around the Tri-Cities, adding a special touch of the region to each piece.


4-23-18 Pottery by Pat Flemming.JPG
 Commemorative ALL WHEELS WEEKEND poster.

Commemorative ALL WHEELS WEEKEND poster.


- Focus on Framing

Special times, special days, special places.

A vintage-style commemorative poster of Dayton's All Wheel Weekend nestles in a pleasingly rustic frame, coalescing with the nostalgic image of the artwork.

Bring your special memory pieces to the gallery, and let's turn them into artwork for your wall!