Mule Mania

June 1-2, 2019


This entertaining and educational 2-day event is perfect for mule lovers and novices alike!

What is our Mission?

Mule Mania’s Mission is to provide a quality event for mule and donkey lovers that is educational to the public, safe, and allows them to exhibit the great talents of their mules and donkeys. It is a show to allow people who have always wanted to compete, but never have, to give it a go! It is for our youth, who truly are the future, to spend time with their family and animals and begin the love of riding.

What is the history of Mule Mania?

Mule Mania Dayton began in 2011 and has been a huge success, enjoyed by many mule lovers and those that want to learn about mules. The show draws contestants from as far away as Nebraska, Texas, and Canada. The show attracts world-class vendors and many spectators.

Mule Mania in Dayton, Washington!

Thanks to great sponsors and incredible volunteers, Mule Mania continues to be offered in historic Dayton! Situated in the southeastern corner of Washington State, nestled in a charming valley of the Blue Mountains, the Columbia County Fairgrounds has become the perfect setting for Mule Mania. This will be our 9th year.