North Touchet to Bluewood


This ride is 22.2 miles long and elevation change from 1,604 feet above sea level to 4,521

Patit to the Hardstock

From 1,604 elevation to 3,287 feet

Harding Grade loop

This ride starts off at Flour Mill Park riding down the Touchet river dike and has a climb up 676 feet and back down looping onto High Way 12 back into town

Whetstone loop

This ride through fields of wheat and peas has two 1,000 foot elevation climbs  

Mckay ALto loop

This 4 hour ride has 4 elevation rises all between 2,000 and 2,300 feet before dropping back into town at 1604 feet

Waitsburg to Dayton

This 17.7 mile ride Starting in Waitsburg has 1,230 foot elevation climb coming down 830 feet to end in Dayton